Occasional Limerick #12: September 5, 2021

Headline: Texas Legislature Moves Further to the Right

In Texas, we’re famous for cattle,

And paying off neighbors to tattle,

And flagrant gun-toting,

And messing with voting,

And treating our women like chattel.

Author: Steve Hirsch

Steve is a retired high-tech marketing specialist and former chairman of a college humanities division. He's a lover of Shakespeare and classical music, so he writes limericks and plays the accordion. Go figure.

3 thoughts on “Occasional Limerick #12: September 5, 2021”

  1. Good one, Steve. Wishing you, Jan and your whole family a very wonderful New Year in good health.

    Sue Korff Sent from my iPhone



  2. yay! so happy to find another brilliant limerick in my mailbox…not sure why it took so long to show up but i’m grateful it did.


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