August 21

Marking’s 100th Posting!

Steve Bannon arrested for fraud,

Rush Limbaugh calls Harris a bawd,

And Q’s strange cabal

Counts Don Trump as its pal —

Such limerick riches — I’m awed!

Author: Steve Hirsch

Steve is a retired high-tech marketing specialist and former chairman of a college humanities division. He's a lover of Shakespeare and classical music, so he writes limericks and plays the accordion. Go figure.

3 thoughts on “August 21”

  1. 100 limericks on this day!
    Is an amazing feat I’d say.
    Your comments on Trump
    Make him look like a chump
    And hopefully send him on his way!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Steve. Your limericks make me smile at a time when smiles are a good tonic. Keep them coming and we’ll celebrate (probably via zoom) after the election.


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