November 16. Polimericks II, The Trumpire Strikes Back

We’re back! But just Mon-Fri. And we may skip a day now and then. Or maybe we won’t.

Headline: Trump’s Behavior Appears Increasingly Erratic

Donald’s been acting deliriously,

And fuming and strutting imperiously.

He’s so out of joint,

That I think at this point,

It’s quite hard to take the man seriously.

It’s not his disdain for legality,

Or even his lack of morality.

But in spinning his fable

The man seems unable

To get a firm grip on reality.

Author: Steve Hirsch

Steve is a retired high-tech marketing specialist and former chairman of a college humanities division. He's a lover of Shakespeare and classical music, so he writes limericks and plays the accordion. Go figure.

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