May 31

Headline: Trump Lashes Out at Protestors

He traffics in fear and false bravery.

His counselors are sly and unsavory.

And while cities burn

They still do not learn

That we are still paying for slavery.

May 28

Headline: Trump Threatens to Shut Down Twitter

I’m fact-checked!? That’s clearly Deep State!

That’s nasty. You’re leftist. Third rate!

But I wear the crown — 

I’ll shut Twitter down,

And tweet-storm my base that…Oh…wait….

May 27

Headline: Trump says Jeff Sessions was not “mentally qualified” for the job.

One of Trump’s latest aggressions

Is dumping on ex-AG Sessions.

Jeff, want to get even?

I’m sure we’d believe in

A few quite revealing confessions.

May 26

Headline: North Carolina Governor “unable to guarantee” filling arena for Republican Convention. Trump threatens to move it from State.

You won’t fill the hall? What audacity!

I want that room filled to capacity!

Stuff the place to the gills,

I don’t care who it kills!

I need crowds to cheer my mendacity.

May 25

Headline: At traditional start of summer, thousands flock to shore, ignoring warnings

It’s Summer! Let’s head down the shore!*

All caution I’ll blithely ignore!

I’m done being grim,

All in for a swim!

What’s just a few hundred deaths more?

  • Philadelphia area people don’t “go to the beach.” We “head down the shore.”

May 24

Headline: Violent Confrontations Erupt Over Face Mask Rules

I won’t wear no mask! Don’t mistake me!

Ain’t no way you libtards can make me!

I brought guns and ammo,

And I’m wearing camo,

So you’ll never see me to take me!